On sunday March 25th there will be a meeting of cockpit builders in The Netherlands, Rosmalen. The address is:
Restaurant Het Wapen van Rosmalen
Graafsebaan 52,
The Netherlands
T: +31-73 - 521 22 74

This meetings' theme will be molding of knobs, buttons and other parts. Additionally there will be displays of new developments on glass cockpits, like the 737 glasscockpit of Dirk Vincent.
More time will be available to have a close look at each others projects.

Particpants pay 20 Euro for venue rental and lunch. If you want to participate send an email to teambuildersmeeting@flightdeckbuilder.nl
Please register before march 10th as the lunch arrangements have to be pre-ordered.

More information at www.flightdeckbuilder.nl