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    Steve Wekarchuk

    Re: Annonciators

    Hey Enrico,

    "Note... 407 (and later ones) is the build you want for the MIP... it is now

    Were you referring strictly to CP Flight boards or all interface boards? I've
    struggled to get some of the mentioned annunciators up and
    running....please advise if able. Thanks, Steve

    "Speed Brake extended, LE flaps extended, Antiskid Inop, Autobrake Disarm,
    Speed Brake Armed, Speed Brake Do not arm" are the annonciators that i can't
    find any codes for Project Magenta"

    Also wondering if it's possible to hook up the 3 buttons A/P P/RST, A/T P/RST
    and FMC P/RST buttons

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    John Shepherd

    Re: Annonciators

    I'm using phidgets interface and PMSystems, some of the variables are already
    set up (in pmsystems) to use i.e Autobrake disarm, I've have had to
    program the rest of them. I've got my sim torn down right now while I put
    together my FDS Nose (or attempt to). If you send me your email address I'd be
    happy to share the code I wrote to get most of the annucators working. Once I
    get my nose sectional together, I plan on finishing the code for the rest
    of the annucators.

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