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Thread: inch to Hpa

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    Marnix Tahon

    inch to Hpa


    I have tried several ways to change the inch into Hpa on the GC, tried it
    via the CPflight EFIS and tried to edit in the config but it remains inch.
    Anyone experiencing the same ?



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    Thomas Richter

    inch to Hpa

    On 4/25/2006 12:58:41 PM, Marnix Tahon wrote:
    >I have tried several ways to
    >change the inch into Hpa on
    >the GC, tried it
    >via the CPflight EFIS and
    >tried to edit in the config
    >but it remains inch.
    >Anyone experiencing the same ?

    Hi Marnix,
    the Key is:
    "Insert" ------ Switches display from hPa to Inches and back

    the Offset is:
    $542A, length 2, write 45 dec for change.

    Best Regards
    Thomas Richter

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    I had a similar problem with the CPFlight EFIS. What I found is that if you push the BARO knob in and turn rapidly to the right or left, it should change.
    I sometimes have to try a couple of times to get it to work, no idea why. I didn't make any edits to the GC config other than to enable the cpflight kit.


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