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    Bill Trinidad

    Anybody with an Aerosoft MCP, some help please

    I had a computer crash the other day while I was watching some videos on
    MS Media Player.Now it seems that the Aerosoft MCP speed select button, when
    pressed, turns off the AP completely. The buttons that were assigned to my
    CH USB Yoke that are supposed to disable the AP and the MCP speed are now
    ineffective although they are still assigned to these actions.Could
    somebody tell me how to trouble shoot this issue.Maybe I need to do a new install
    of Aerosoft ?Many, many thanks,BillAnother issue has also come up, FS9.1 is
    now a slide show, the Frame rates are really low, 6 to 10 when they used
    to be in the high teens ( 17-20 ) when set to a max of 22 FPS.

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    Katy Pluta

    Re: Anybody with an Aerosoft MCP, some help please


    Are you using Windows XP? Try getting back to a restore point previous
    to the crash, it seems that the system was damaged during the crash.
    Please run dxdiag.exe as well and check the tests...

    All the best!
    Katy Pluta, MS_MVP for Flight Simulator

    Visit Project Magenta!

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