We've just made available a neat 90-second program about the interior of the 747-8 Intercontinental. It was filmed inside our remarkable new -8 sales display here in Renton.
My colleague Blake Emery, who has the unique title of Director, Differentiation Strategy, is your host on the audio/visual tour.
You might also want to revisit the 747-8 Website. We've refreshed this site with new imagery on the home page and a "Step Onboard the 747-8" interactive video. The video has "hotspot" links, that when you click on them, take you further inside the airplane - including a look at the upper deck, the entry stairway, views out the windows, and an interactive peek inside the new overhead luggage spaces.
The -8 Website also has been updated with new photos and other multimedia. You might have seen some of the images recently because the new interior has gotten quite of bit of media attention in the past few weeks.
What's coming up for the Intercontinental? Well, we're working on a few podcasts, which promise to provide even more insight into this "dashing" new airplane.