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    Installing 4.2.3 problems

    Hi Alan,
    I have recently reformatted my machine, and am now trying to get FS2phidgets back on.

    1st problem. Since the change, i cannot find the beta msi, only phidgets21 which I have installed.
    trying to run 4.1.3 I get a "please update your msi" message. Is there still a beta version needed? where is this now located?

    When i tried to install 4.2.3, i get a message "cannot find the source file c:\\\@FSvariables422.ini to install"
    It doesnt matter if i unzip the file first or run from the zip. the file itself is inside the CAB file, so not sure whats going on there...

    Hope you can help


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    Re: Installing 4.2.3 problems


    I tried a download and an install of FS2Phidget423.
    Had same problem you did
    That has been corrected
    Another download should work now.

    You will need to install Phidgets20 - Phidgets21 will not work.
    Phidgets20 can be downloaded from
    and click on Downloads.


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