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    Hi Alan,

    I recieved my Phidget 0/0/4 Interface today and It installed fine.

    Then I installed Phidget20.MSI and FS2Phidget Ver 4.1.3

    When i Try to access HELP (F1) nothing happens, so thats why i'm here.

    On the FS interface screen, my 0/0/4 interface is shown, Phidget library shows (1) Phidget20DLL Ver 1.0.6 and (2)Phidget Com library 2.0.8

    Also, on the Flight Simulator/FSUIPC side, it recognises FSUIPC Version as 4.010 and FS Version as ???? .

    Like I said on my last post, I'm ignorant when it comes to the Phidget thing. Is there a manual for FS2 that i missed somewhere or do you think the help files just didn't download.

    I'm really at a loss as what to do next. I played with the FS Variable editor a little bit, but really don't know what makes it click. ALSO, the HELP (F1) in that program does nothing either.

    Thanks in advance for any help


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    Re: Help


    The help is known problem with version you have.
    Folks at Trossen Robotics are working on making latest version available on web.
    But we can make a plan. Send me private message and I can email latest version to you.