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    0/16/16, input question

    Hi, Phidget people !

    I'd like to use the resouce " input" of my 0/16/16 to make a fuel panel. Using the offset "0B74 (Center fuel level)" and push-buttoms I'd like to make commands which altered the total amount of fuel. For example, one push buttom would alter the amount of fuel to 50%, another push buttom would alter the amount of fuel to 20%, and etc.

    Could you please give me an example of how to configurate an input command for offset "0B74" which gives me ,for example, 50% of fuel level ?

    Thanks a lot,


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    Download latest version of beta.

    Beta has program called FSVariable.
    You will use this program to create variable called, say, CENTER_TANK_50% based on settings for FUEL_TANK_CENTER.

    Change multiplier and divisor to 1.0

    Using MS-FS set fuel to 50%.
    Read Raw FS Value from FSVraiable program.
    Enter this value in FSVariable Low Value and High Value boxes
    Press save.

    Assign CENTER_TANK_50% to switch and check "Latched" check box if momentary switch.


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    Been in Japan for two months....... and haven't had ANY time for simming at all. Just getting back to it.

    Just read your answer in this thread.... and WOW...... it looks like the Beta has some stuff that a lot of us have wanted for years. THANKS. Now we can define some "systems" type things for the pit which "reside" outside the sim itself.

    I'll have to download it and replace my existing installation (which is working great BTW.



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