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    Autothrottles - DC or Servo?

    Hi all,
    Just thought I would throw a question out there.
    I am starting to constuct my throttle quad now (after completing my overhead and 1/2 my pedistal), and have to decide how i wantr to drive the throttle arms.

    From the products offered (and tutorials), there is some good stuff on the servo's option, but I noticed that Alan has added the Motor Control LV option to 4.01.
    Would this allow for a DC motor connected via gears to the throttle arms to control the position of the arms themselves, functioning the same way as the servo solution?

    If this is the case, this would probably be the cheaper, more robust, and smoother option.

    Has anyone done anything like this? What were the results? Any traps? What sort of setup would be needed re:FS2Phidgets to get the contoller correctly aligned/calibrated?

    Thanks again


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    You can't control positioning with regular DC motors. Servos and stepper motors are the only motors that you can use to control the positioning. Unfortunately, there isn't Phidget Stepper controller as of yet.

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