hello my fellow builders , i have purcahsed the 0/16/16 and the 8/8/8 .
im now ready to set it up, im using the level d 767, im a little confused on how to set it up, i have down loaded the phidgets software and at this moment , on the 8/8/8 i have a toggle switch hooked into the ground and 0 input. im sure there is more to do here , im just running test right now.
i always said that when i get to the point that im ready to set it up i will make the battery switch the official starting point so the question that i have is how do i make this happen.
so i have the toggle switsh in my hand and if i switch it to on i want the battery switch to move on also in the level d 767.
im also a little confused on the manual.
Thanks...........Mr. Midnight