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    Can I edit FS2Phidget one one machine........

    .......and then transfer the setup assignments to a different machine easily?

    New to FS2Phidgets...... so this might be a dumb "noobie" type question.

    I have the Phidgets hardware being installed on a machine that also drives the FreeFD ND display in the sinmpit. It is connected via the flight sim 10/100 network and FSUIPC and WideFS. The monitor for that PC and he monitor connections are kinda' burried well in the pit structure. Not convenient to make changes. Doing editing work directly on that PC and screen is tough.....the gauge holes are small . Hate to have to disconnect the existing monitor wiring.

    For testing and editing the FS2Phidgit assignments it is FAR easier for me to do the testing and editing work on my main office PC located at a nice desk and all (also hooked to the same network and has a common flightsim "Share" folder).

    SO.......... Can I do the assignments on the one PC....... and then somehow "transfer" the setup to the new machine by a file transfer (copy file) from one machine to the other?

    Appreciate the help here.



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    Will USB cable reach from Phidgets to PC where you will be performing assignments ?

    After you have made the the assignments, copy the Phidget ini files for each card.
    The serial number for the card is contained in the file name.
    The other system will recognize and read those files.

    Of course, they have to be in the correct folder.
    Usually the folder where you installed fs2phidgets.

    Hopefully this helps you out.


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