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    new user

    hello folks out there im in the process of building a 737 sim, it will not be an exact replica but that is because of room, im running nine monitors and four coms five for views and four for instruments.
    im as we speak am about to purchase model # 1012 , 0/16/16, phidgetinterface kit and the #1013 8/8/8 , will these devices allow me to actually use a real switch or rotary switch and if i flip the switch it will flip the switch in the microsoft sim, instead of using the mouse or keyboard, i have already built the overhead and im wanting to start putting in switches.
    im also thinking of getting the led 64 kit, out of all three componets which two are the most important.

    thanks ........Robert

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    In answer to your two questions.

    Yes. You can interface real switches, leds, and servos to MS-FS.
    I would recommend downloading fs2phidgets software and playing around with the Phidget emulators to give you feel for functionality and capabilities.
    Might also be a good idea to read documentation.

    The answer to your second question is "Depends".
    Will depend on your specific design, hardware, budget, etc.
    I use all of the above in my sim.
    The 0/16/16 is good candiate for overhead.
    The 8/8/8 has 8 analog inputs and is good for interfacing control levers.
    Yokes, throttles, etc.


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