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    Project Magenta EICAS with FS2PHIDGETS?

    Hi all,

    after playing around with FS2Phidgets for a while now, I start to understand how to use offsets / FSValues (still far away from really kowing it, though).
    Since I am planning to use Project Magenta for my homecockpit project, I would like to ask one question:

    Until now, I have the demo versions of the Boeing-Software (FMC, MCP, Glass Cockpit) and PM Systems installed. When I open FS2Phidgets, I see a file with all the PMSystems functions ("pmSystems.ini"), and assigning them to a 0/16/16 inpur or output works fine. Now I would like to control some of the EFIS-functions (like the IN/HPA-changever, the NAV1/OFF/ADF1 and so on) via my Phidget card.

    Will there be a separate .ini file whith the MPC-functions created when I install the full MCP software, or do I have to create these functions by myself? And if that is the case, could somebody describe me how to do that? I have read the FS2Phidgets manual several times, but I still get confused when it comes to bits, values, discretes etc.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I am sure a kind builder has got the EFIS working and can put together an EFIS.ini for us.

    I have ordered EFIS panels from Dakenskys - arriving in next 2 weeks.
    If you are not in a rush and can wait a week or two, you can have my EFIS.ini

    pmSystems has built-in (ingeboude, ingebouwd) support for Phidgets.
    You do not have to use FS2Phidgets for pmSystems - you have a choice !


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