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    Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime???

    why does Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime start when i start FS2phidget? does it need this file? it seems without it i only have the pmsystems variables to work with....thanks

    winxp SP2

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    im getting somewhere

    my previous problem existed with a fresh install of 3.1.2......when i installed 3.0.7..that took care if the variable problem......but it still wants to run Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime at every start....john

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    Do not need Access.
    Not sure why you're seeing this.
    I'm running Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2.

    What is exe image name for Access runtime in your task manager ?

    Are you only seeing pmsystems.ini in your FS Variable File drop down list ?


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    i 'm attaching a screenshot of windows task manager on fs2phidgets startup......the processes that start are FS2Phidget.exe and msiexec.exe. if i hit cancel enough times the program will start normally and msiexec.exe will go away.

    as far as the FS variables, i found that when i installed 3.0.7 (after installing 3.1.2), the FS2PhUIPC307.ini and MyVariables.ini showed up. when i reinstalled 3.1.2 on top, there was no change.....when i started digging through the programs root directory, i found FS2PhUIPC312.ini. When i moved that file to the 'variables' directory, that did the trick.

    if i could get rid of the runtime deal at program startup, that would be great.....i am running xp pro SP2


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    ok im done.....deleted access runtime from control panel (i think it was installed for Vref, an aircraft evaluation application) and all is not sure what the lesson was here......john

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    Glad we got access problem sorted out.
    You did catch problem with ini file.
    That is definitely being instsalled in wrong directory.
    I tried fresh install on my system to confirm.
    Good catch !


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