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    Cool A new feature for FS2Phidget

    Hi ALan,

    My configuration is now working very well ... Then, I started to finish the panel
    installation - all wires are connected to phidgets and FS2Phidget is running 24h a day to test the reliability.

    I have started the configuration of the Airbus Autobrake panel (Low Med & MAX) which is fitted with 3 push buttons (depress in = set, depress in again = off). then, Is it possible to add the "Toggle" feature to your sofware allowing to toggle an offset with a simple pushbutton ?

    Secondly. is it possible to determine a discrete variable with 5 different values instead of 3 in your documentation (it's for my flaps lever which has 5 digital positions)?

    Thanks for all your efforts and, one more time : congratulations !!!



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    The feature you are looking for is already there.
    Try the "Latch" checkbox and see if that will work for you.

    As many discrete values as you want !
    Discretes are convenient way of working with digital on and off values.
    You could set up on and off values for a switche without discretes.


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    YES !!! it works !!!... thanks a lot.

    I understand now very well all eatures of your software.
    Because I would like to make my sim very similar to an Airbus, I found new features
    which were very interresting for all simers.

    for example, Airbus flaps : Airbus has 5 different Flaps positions : 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 and Full. All positions are generating a combination of slats & flaps...

    But for the Flaps 1, we have conditions for slats/flaps extension : if you select flaps 1 on the ground, Flaps will be "1+F" (Slats & Flaps). if you select flaps 1 in flight (for approach), Flaps will be "1" only (only slats).

    Then, is it possible to add logic formulas (using 2 or 3 different FSUIPC offsets) for the output generation ? for exemple
    if aircraft is on the ground (offset 0366 =1) AND flaps selector = 1 then FLAPS = 1+F (=6500)
    if aircraft is airborne ((offset 0366 =0) AND flaps selector = 1 then FLAPS = 1

    For the management of the AUTOBRAKE PANEL, some logic equations may be create very realistic behaviors....

    What do you think about that ?



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    Project Magenta has released pmSystems for the Airbus 320.

    pmSysems has feature for creating custom logic. That may be your best option.
    Have a look at Boeing forums. Boeing sim-nauts have been doing some creative things with customizing feature.


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    ...I should have said.... Look at pmSystems forum....not Boeing forum.

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