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    Question Encoder setting problem

    Hi guys,
    I've finished my cockpit using several phidgets cards and encoder and all works well but I have some problems setting 4 of my encoders (old format).
    I'm using one encoder for NAV1 OBS and it works well: 1 step of the enc. = 1 digit step and if I turn it fast the OBS follows without problems.
    4 encoders (old format) are used with Autopilot Altitude, Autopilot VS, Autopilot Airspeed and Autopilot Heading. When I turn them of 1 step the relative digit changes of 1 but if I turn fast I lost many of them (6 or 7 step of the encoder and only 1 or 2 on the sim). I've tried to change the assignement (the NAV1 encoder assigned to Autopilot Altitude) but the problem si the same (so it's not the encoder or USB hub).
    I've also problems turning the autopilot heading in the negative range (from 360 to 000) when FSRaw value reach -63 Heading stops to work.
    FS9, Project Magenta FPS and the data rate are ok.

    Any solutions?

    I'm using last version of FS2Phidget, with Progect Magenta RJ, FSUIPC and Wide FS and FS2004.



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    Hi Davide,

    With regard to setting up heading range.
    Have a look at forum thread titled
    "Kohlsman setting..... HELP please".

    Easiest way to locate thread is to click "Fs2hidget Users Forum" at the top of this page. Then click "Search" and enter "kohlsman".

    This thread is in form of a "how to".

    To help me replicate your configuration:

    - zip ALL ini files in your fs2phidget folder and FSVariable sub folder.
    - email to


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    Thanks Alan,
    I'll post the zip as soon as possible.
    I've already red the "Kohlsman setting..... HELP please" whitout success.



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    Not to worry, ground crew will work directly with you on settings.
    Ground crew uses zip files to replicate your settings in their work shop.
    If there is a bug ground crew will work directly with you on getting that resolved.


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