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    SA_WXR & Phidget.... Anybody?

    Anybody set up SA_WXR and Phidget Inputs. Please let me know how you set it up.

    Matt O.

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    Would also be interesting here! Any news Matt?

    Best regards

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    No answers.... Can't use it outside of the software. I think it's a SA_WXR software issue. I could be wrong....

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    Not true !!!

    Matt, You sent me SA_WXR manual.
    I proposed solution for one particular switch setting.
    Never heard back on whether you tried it or if you did what result was.

    What am I not getting here ?

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    Alan this has nothing to do with FS2Phidget.exe It's the way SA_WXR handles or sets the offsets, not friendly at all. I can't recall specifically some of the items.... It seems it required a combination of offsets to be activated at the same time for some switches to work....

    Anyway... I walked away from it and went off to other things.

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