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    LED64 vs. 0/16/16

    Hi all.

    Maybe a silly question, but I`m a bit confused: What to use, to connect all the annunciator-LED“s on my overhead-panel?
    I can see, many people use the LED 64 board, but why not use the 0/16/16 board? I`ll assume, I can assign a LED to a input/output?

    Or do you use the LED 64, if you don“t have enough space on your 0/16/16 boards?

    In another word: What“s the difference? Maybe I have misunderstood something, but I`m sure someone can help me out here.

    Regards, Jan

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    Builders (vlug bouwers) use both LED64 and 0/16/16.

    The 0/16/16 seem to be most popular because you can use same card for your switches.

    The LEDs will connect to output.
    Switches will connect to input.

    Therefore each 0/16/16 will make it possible for you connect 16 annunciators.
    The LED64 will make it possible for you to connect 64 annunciators.

    The one advantage with the LED64 is that brightness can be configured.

    The details with regard to space, layout, wiring and power supply is obviously something you will need to work out.

    Typically B737NG overhead draws around 9 Amps when all is connected.


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