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    Hi everyone,
    I don't know if this is significant but I try....

    Is it possible to drive a normal 7-segment display with the PhidgetTextLED instead of the 17-segment (the daughter boards)?



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    Hello David,

    Yes, Rolling eyes! I knew it would only be a matter of days until you Sim guys asked about hacking the textLED's.

    Unfortunatly, the answer is no. It isn't as simple as people would assume. Due to the # of pins, shared cathodes and anodes, etc it's just not something that we would ever recomend people try. Sourcing the LED's is difficult in itself, even for us. Let alone promote that people try it out when looking for just a couple LED's and not thousands like we do. The Canadian manufacture of Phidgets has told me to tell people that it's not supported to try to make your own daughter boards since it's far more complicated than a simple pin layout. Maybe in the future they will put something like that out, but right now they aren't gonna go near that can of worms.

    We are looking into trying to source amber/orange colors since we know a lot of the simmers out there want them, but even that will take 6-9 months for us to get.

    Sorry for that sour news, I can hear a collective scowl from the Sim community as I type this ! Hopefully most can make due with what we can produce at the price we can produce it.


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    Thanks Matt,
    I supposed that....
    This means that I must modify my autopilot!! and add the fifth board to my "collection"



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