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    Keystrokes and bitmaps ?

    Hi Alan,
    Great work with 3.1

    I am having problems saving a bitmap greater than 8. If i change it to anything above 8 and save it, it does not recognise the bitmap from FS. When i reopen it to edit, it has reset to 8.

    I have also read the doc, and haven't been able to find where to enter keystokes to be sent to FS.

    Once again, I appreciate all your effort

    Best Regards
    Chris G.

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    What offset are you using that has length greater than 8 ?

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    Look at table of contents (page 2)
    Chapter 6 Digital Input - Keystroke Emulation.

    What page number do you see for that in your documentation ?


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    Hi Alan,

    OK. I was looking at the word doc, and not the pdf. The pdf has the line about keystroke emulation. For someonw who works in the software industry, I am feeling like a real dolt.
    Ok. So I key in KEYSEND in the FS Variable, under my variables. It is expecting an offset of some sort there (you can't leave it blank, etc) and I tried with many different ones. I cannot get the calibrate button to highlight. Selecting each of the types of FS Values, didn't seem to make a difference either.

    In regards to offsets, for example : using 04F2 I need from B0 to B10 (i.e. B10 = EEC right switch)

    thanks for you patience.

    Chris G.

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    KEYSEND is supplied ready to go in FS2PhUIPC310.ini

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    The problem with bit being reset to 8 has been corrected for 3.1.1

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    Thanks Alan,

    For some reason the 310.ini file wasn't getting installed into my variables directory.
    I looked in the cab file and found it there.

    Thanks a lot.

    Chris G

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