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    PMSystems issues w/3.09

    I've tried all evening to get the DualBleed, Ramair, and RamairR annunciators to function correctly.

    I have them hooked to the output of an 0/16/16 When setting the output up, the true false alternates back and forth and the light goes on and off on these 3 ind.

    DualBleed does not follow PMSys at all. The ramair open works sporadically.

    I also had to re-cal my flaps habdle today. Lost cal out of the blue??

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    Send me your 0/16/16 ini file.
    Which FS2PhUIPC.ini are you using ?

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    Does strobing occur only when you use invert ?

    Problem might also be a leaking bleed line at either the left or right engine.
    I would write up in maintenance log and get aircraft over to Maintenance hanger and have them do a leak test.


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    I could be WAY off base here, but just a thought. Since I'm having some PM related problems.

    Rob, you seem to have a variety of PM problems and so am I, although mine are not PMSystems, but FCU related.

    Alan, is it possible, FS2Phidget is not working as it should with PM FSUIPC Offsets? Is there a separate routine that handles the PM Offsets? I have no problems setting or reading Peter Dowson's Offsets. BTW, I have no idea what I'm talking about

    Matt O.

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    Matt Oscar (to distinguish you from Matt Hotel and Matt Papa),

    An offest is an offset !
    Fs2Phidget does not care if offset is male or female.

    However, Captain Andras did log a maintenance issue:
    I had some of the pmSystem's variable lengths incorrect in pmSystems.ini

    That would be first thing to check.

    I do not have PM Airbus FCU so I cannot test or set multiplier, divisors etc.
    (in any event, real pilots fly Boeings - hehe )

    I have the pmSystems stuff in a seperate file to illustrate a point.
    The point being: for people that are super-organized - variables can be stored in seperate files.

    I like to have all my 6 mm screws in one plastic container and 12 mm in another.
    That's just me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by alandyer
    (in any event, real pilots fly Boeings - hehe )

    Try to land an A321 with heavy crosswind...... Real pilots ?? only pilots....


    Vinz ;-D

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    How'd you like to be a passenger on that thing..... WOW!!!!

    Matt O.

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