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    Question Flaps selector with switches

    I have installed a Flaps Lever using Optocouplers and connected to a 0/16/16 card.
    for each position, the card and FS2phidget recognize the lever position...

    but how to configure for each position a flaps seting ???

    by this way, I have installed the las 3.0.9 version. It works well, but, after few minutes, a window appears with a strange message : "the other application is too busy..... retry or switch".

    I have 1 PC with only WideFS client, FS2Phidget, 512MB Ram Win 2000 up to date....
    phidget 20.dll

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    Do you have FS running on same PC ?

    Did you obtain FS2Phidget 3.0.9 from the PhidgetsUSA web site ?
    or is this second-hand ?

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    Yea, the popup sounds like my issue. It turned out to be a result of running FS2Phidget and Flighsim on the same PC. A far as I can tell, this is not possible.

    Incedentally, if you ARE running FS2Phidget and FS on the same PC, WideFS/Wide Client should not be needed, as they are only used to run FS on one PC, and a program communicating with FSUIPC (ie: FS2Phidget, or PM software) on another


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    On my PC, I have only WideFS (the last update downloaded on and FS2Phidget downloaded on

    I had some difficulties during the install.

    1- I have installed phidget.msi
    2- downloaded fs2phidget 3.0.9 ans running Setup. the install stopped at the step #7 ("some files are to old on my system... etc.... " restar Window many times.
    3- removing the step 5 in the setup list. the istall is successful.
    4 connecting phidget cards... configuration of 2 or 3 digital inputs... it works
    5 running WideFS client & FS2phidget
    6 after few minutes.... "an application is too busy. switch or retry" (the app bar indicates it's a FS2phidget window
    7- declaring a MAyday Maday Maday !!!!!

    thanks to give me an idea..


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    Are you getting

    "This action cannot be completed because the other application is busy".


    "an application is too busy.."


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    Hi Alan,

    the message is "This action cannot be completed because the other application is busy"...

    and the window is impossible to remove..... either "switch" and "retry" have the same consquence.

    Thanks for your research !!!

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    Hello everybody !!

    just to re-ask my first question : is it possible to configure Flaps Selector with Digital inputs (Airbus Flaps with 5 switches)- in place of analog inputs ????

    thanks for all


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    What have you researched to date ?

    At a mnimum:

    Step 1:
    Have a look at FSUIPC offset documentation.
    In particular the Flaps Handle documentation.

    Step 2:
    Fire up FS2Phidget and press "Edit Fs Variables"
    Select Flaps Handle.
    Observe and record the FS variable values for each flap notch.

    Step 3.
    Configure digital inputs to return each of these values to FS.

    To make a long story short, read Chapter 6 and 11 of the FS2Phidget manual
    and play around.

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