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    FS2Phidget & PM systems

    Hi all.
    Starting on my B737 overhead panel, I would like to hear someone who uses FS2Phidget together with PM Systems. My problem is, that I would really like PM to manage my overhead panel, but I`m having problems understanding the world of offsets.
    How much do I need to know about offsets?
    Is the PM Systems commands easy to configure/available with/in FS2 Phidget?
    Or should I stay out of it, and stick to the more simple default FS commands, if I canīt manage the "offset-world"?

    Hope someone can help me out here.

    Regards, Jan

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    I am new at the "Phidget thing" too... and was exactly where you are right now a week or two ago. One of the best things I did to get more comfortable with this all was to download the FS2Phidget software and look at how the assignments work in it. I THINK a lot of the assignments on the "pick list" are specifically for PM stuff... but I could be wrong there.

    And you can also just use FSUIPC to map many of the PM assignments. It supprots numerous PM "keywords" rather than "offsets".

    Hope this helps.



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