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    Steve Daly

    Lightbulb Wish-Test Function

    World Peace...err...sorry, wrong forum.

    Actually I would like to see a Phidget Test function built into the software. A real simple function...

    Designate a "Test Switch", obviously hooked up to a Phidget input device.
    Selection of "Test" drives all variables low then cycles low/high/low until switch released. Led64 units might have to have the LEDs come on in "banks" to avoid overloading the board (depends on design specifics I guess). Text displays could readout "TEST" or something else useful like software version or something.

    This would allow for actual testing, "Hero Shots" of the cockpit all lit-up, demonstrations and would duplicate the test functions common to many planes.

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    I've had this request from number of persons.
    Need to do this for my sim.
    As soon as I've had feedback on 3.0 beta I will release that.

    I am running some tests.
    Want to make sure everything is restored to former state when test is completed
    without having to restart software.


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    Steve Daly
    Thank You.

    Thta will save a fair bit of tedium trying to do it the hard way.

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    That is one I am looking for as well....... thanks.



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    Steve, John, et al,

    Was connecting LED to LED64 port #1 today.
    Wanted to calibrate fuel valve brightness with an FDS annunciator.

    Took me a while to figure out why it wouldn't switch on.
    Had it hooked up to #64 by mistake.

    Test feature would have saved me some time
    Coming soon to a screen near you!


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    Steve Daly

    Typical...that's when the problem gets definitively solved...when some guy who can fix it gets caught by the very problem himself. Next thing you's climber WAY up the priority list.

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