In my comm jet type simpit I want to construct a simulated "Whiskey Compass" to mount on the top of the center support of the windscreen. Logic is telling me that a single servo and the right VB program accessing data from FSUIPC would do this. So that means purchasing a single servo Phidget card, and a single servo (I have +5 V DC and +12 V DC in the pit already).

I know absolutely NOTHING about servos. Or about writing code for controlling them (but I can do basic programming in VB6.) So some help /advice is appreciated here.

Obviously this device would have to rotate 360 degrees or more to simulate a real compass. Some of the servos say that can be modigfied for this. How hard is this to do? What do I need to know about doing this?

Also obviously the compass would have to move either clockwise or counter clockwise depending on direction of turn. In the specs.... the servos mention something like "clockwise direction". Do they not simply go both ways?

Is this kind of control of a servo a function that is already available in FS2Phidget?

To turn a simple "compass" indicator.... which servo rating woould be enough without being "overkill" for torque power?

Sorry about so many questions....... Thanks in advance.