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    Bitmapped offsets


    I was having minor problems while flying, some switches turned on by themselves, and the like. I am talking about having Phidgets and FS2Phidget used with Pmsystems.
    It was only today, when I went through the short Pmsystems help-file, and noticed, that Enrico exlusively mentiones, that ALL bitmapped offset in pmsystems are 1 byte long.
    I remembered that in the FS2PhUIPC.ini file there are plenty of those offsets, but many are not there, so I always had to enter my own ones, so it clicked that most of those bitmapped offsets are done as:

    Now if Enrico is right, and all of his pmsys ones are just 1 byte long, then it can be the source of quite many small discrenacies. I changed those offsets back to 1 and voila, my ghosts are gone.

    Am I right and the FS2PhUIPC.ini really contains those buggy entries, or I missed something somewhere?


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    Thanks for picking that up!
    Most FSUIPC bitmapped offsets have a length of 2 bytes.
    The early pmSystems did not specify length so I assumed 2.

    This might cause problems. I have adjusted all my PM offsets accordingly


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