I have a Fatal Error (see below), as soon I launch FS2Phidget with a Phidget component (servo) connected.

We could note that:

1) the Servo is running well with Phidget tools like PhidgetMonitor etc ..

here are board identification
servo detected and OK (5965) ou 5337

2) FS9 & registered FUIPC 3.45 installed and operational

If we run FS2Phidget.exe, without any hardware connected
the windows shows:
FUIPC 3.45 registered
Flight simulator version = FSNEXT ???
not FS9 while correctly identified in Windows registery

As soon we connect the servomotor
then an error dialog box appear like below
!Run-Time error '-2147417848 (8001010':
Automation error
close this windows --> exit the application.

A lot of starting scenarios are tryed without more succcess

Scenarios: with/without FS9 & FSUIPC,
with/without hardware connected
of course I desinstall and reinstall Phidget DLL and FS2Phiget
personally I d'ont have any more test Ideas to resolve this problem
somebody have them....??

Thanks in advance