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    Question FSType values...

    When reading through some posts and the 'FS2PhUIPC.ini', I keep seeing a line called 'FSType'. At the beginning of the 'FS2PhUIPC.ini' file, I saw that there are several values tied to that; Proportional, Digital, Bitmap, Flaps, Frequency.
    I looked for some documentation, but couldn't find what each one does, and when they should be used :confused: . Please advise when able...

    Thank you in advance , Steve

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    Still putting updated docs together.
    Will along lines of 'All you ever wanted to know about FS2PhUIPC.ini'.


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    Here are settings in a nutshell.
    The FStypes are categories of FSUIPC offsets.
    (Tells FS2Phidget how to process an Offset).

    Proportional is for those FSUIPC offsets that have range of values.
    (i.e. anything that can be positioned).
    e.g. Elevator has range -16383 to 16383.

    Digital is for those offsets that expect only two values (True/False, On/Off, Up/Down, etc).

    Bitmap is for bitmapped offsets.

    Frequency are for those offets that are radio frequencis (NAV, COM, ADF and Transponder).

    Flaps is special case for Flaps lever - intended for analog input only.

    Admittedly, there are number of specific INI settings for each FSType.
    Those will be spelt out in documentation.

    I have been toying with idea of building few intuitive screens for setting and manipulating FSUIPC offsets. This would obviate neccessity for detailed documentation (always will need docs however).
    i.e. make application more intuitive.

    Your thoughts?


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    Thanks for the quick reply Alan!

    I now understand the different values for FSType, except for Bitmaps. I'm not sure what a 'bitmapped offset' would be, do you have an example?

    As for your suggestion on 'intuitive' screens, I think it is a terrific idea! Documentation is good, but understanding how to apply it is excellent. Of course, assuming that the documentation covers the basics (i.e. my original question about the values for FSType)

    As an FYI, I recently received my hardware (0/16/16) and promptly tested it out. Needless to say, it only took me 5 minutes to get it up and running thanks to the software!

    Your efforts are truly appreciated!


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    Bimapped offsets will usually be mentioned as such in FSUIPC and pmSystems documentation.

    The tip off is that there will be a number of FS functions sharing same offset.
    Function will operate on a bit within that offset.
    Usually, the bit will be specified.
    Either specifically as Bit 6 or as 2^6.
    One exception springs to mind.
    Have a look at Light functions at offset 0D0C.
    Does not really say bitmapped, but is implied.

    pmSystems uses the following convention in their documentation:
    5600 .1 APUStartAvail
    5600 .2 APUFlap
    5600 .3 APUMaint
    5600 .4 APULowPress
    5600 .6 APUFault
    5600 .7 APUGenBus

    The FStypes you do not to worry about are: Flaps and Frequency.
    Most frequencies have already been included in the provided INI file.


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    One useful feature of software is the ability to create a Dummy tab.
    Allows one to examine FS values without plugging in a card.
    Dummy tab assignments can be saved.


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    Silly me!

    If you look at the last 'Below Glidescope Annunciator' post, I gave a perfect example for bitmap! You and James might also want to look at that post again as I may have found an easier offset to program 'Below Glisdescope', 'Master Caution', 'Windshear', etc...

    Thanks again Alan!!!


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