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    thrust reverser question

    hello everybody

    i am new over here, so let me introduce myself first

    My name is Marc, i am a realworld flight attendant for a small airline in the middle of europe. unfortunately i never made it as a pilot, so now i am building myself a homecockpit, based on real components out of a scrapped Boeing 747 classic.

    I would like to ask some questions, regarding the Fs2phidget software.

    first, if i connect two different potentiometers to each thrustlever (one for thrust, one for reverse), the only solution until now was, to connect both pots in line, and hook´m up as one single pot to the joystick axe (i hope i did not write too complicated now)

    with your software, am i now able to connect one pot to an analog input, the reverser pot to a second analog input, and let the software bring both together? so that i have working thrust reversers?

    also, i wanted to base my simulator on the excellent software by ralph tofflemire (ready for pushback 747-200 simulator for FS2004)but unfortunately this software doesn t give any offsets via FSUIPC, so what other possibilities do i have, to interface a complete system like the 747 classic to the pc?

    does pmsystems do the job?


    thanks for all your answers

    hope to see you soon again over here


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    You can use seperate pots for thottle and reversor.
    That's how I have set up my throttle quadrant for my B737-700 sim.

    I would keep an eye on pmSystems.
    Hou pmStelsels dop.


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