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    How to calibrate servo's ??


    Yesterday I've received my servo's. Now I'm trying to calibrate them via FS2Phidget, but I don't understand it

    For exampleħ I want to make a Engine1 oil press setup. Okay...dropped the code in the ini file and assign in FS2Phidget. The program reads out the value of this offset , but the servo is´nt moving. If I move the slider of the servo max position, my servo is running right. But how to calibrate that my servogauge shows FS values, with other words, the servo gets moving if the FS value is changing ??

    Thanks in advance,

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    Dan, I'm sure my reply is too late. You may already have discovered that the servo's will move when running FS.
    If you keep both FS2phidget and FS windows open, you can see both the FS value and the corresponding servo angle in the FS2phidget window.
    What happens in my setup is that I need to activate the FS window as a last step. If I click on the FS2phidget window while FS is running, FS will go in the Pause mode, and no other changes in FS values will be seen. By pressing P again, things start running again.


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