Ok I am new to this whole sim thing. Mechanical...Good, Electrical...good,Computer programming... ... ? Lets just say I am working on it. My TM trottle is an old TQS and it does not work. All the mechanicals function but something wrong in the PCB or the IC's. So, answer, purchase 8/8/8 and point to point rewire TQS. I am on day 3 of how to program in VB.NET in 21 days. ( I have had the book for 2 months) I am very busy! (not an excuse just fact)

So can anyone help ... I am only looking for a program that will give me a throtle(idle, max military power, and afterburner) from a 3 wire POT, and a push to talk button (right now calibrated to [SCROLL LOCK]) All the rest I will program after I learn more about VB.Net In the mean time I cannot fly my sim and it is killing me.

FYI I currently have the pit built less the glare shield and I am starting the electronics, (if I ever learn to program) so using the keyboard for a trottle stinks!!!

Sorry so long and thank you in advance for any help.