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    Best Online UK Shops?

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to find a good distributor in the UK for the Sim market. I need to find a good shop that has an easy to use online web store with good service and good shipping.
    I'm trying to resolve the shipping costs for the UK customers.

    Could you guys respond with the sites you like the best that you feel would carry Phidgets?

    Thanks so much.


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    You could try RC Simulations, they do all FS stuff and sell Go Flight modules as well.
    A question, however, why not try a private distributor, would it have to be a retail outlet. ?

    RC Simulations -

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    No, we aren't concerned about it being a retail outlet. The online store is the focus. I'm fine with a private distributor as well if they have the website to support it. We've had inquiries, etc. But I just want to know who is out there and where customers like to shop.

    Thanks for the info!


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