Hi Alan,

I notice when having a flight (more then say 1 hour) the WideFS (Server Connections) says 256 connections ! I have only five PC's connected with FS2K4 so a total of five clients no more.

The sim is started oke with five ps's connected, it's only happening when the pc is started with the FS2Phidget program active, after the message 256 connections the inputs from switches ect is very slow alsmost no reaction anymore !

Also the memory WideClient.exe is using is a large amount (some 73.000 kb) on the other clients running the Boeing PM software it's no more then 17.000 kb.

I send you the log files from the server and client and also some Print Screens of what I have seen on both pc's.

I think you mention somewhere else on the forum about it but I'm not sure !
If I'm remember it occurs only with version 2.09 and not with te previous ones !

This last test flight is without running pmSystems so it will be sure that it have to do with FS2Phidget I think and not with pmSystems.

I hope you can solve this problem ?

Regards Gert