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    Not sure what to buy

    Hi all! I am finally ready to wire my sim up and have decided to go with phidgets, but I am not sure what to buy. I have a throttle quad, and many modules from the 707 & 727. Should I buy a starter kit? Thanks!

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    Matt here. It's harder for me to say since I personal don't build sims Meaning I don't know the parts you referenced... But for switches and buttons you want to look at the 0/16/16 IFK.

    If you are going to build auto throttles you'll need the 4-servo controller.

    Do drive a lot of LED's you want to use the LED64.

    And for analog inputs such as sliders and rotation knobs those hook up into the analog inputs on the 8/8/8.

    For multi-turn rotation knobs we have the phidget encoder.

    Hopr this helps get you started!


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    Similar problem

    I'm just about to invest in a couple of Phidgets (2 I think...)

    I'm looking at putting together an overhead panel and a couple of warning lights on the main panel.
    I use GoFlight modules, Project Magenta software for navigation and engine displays.

    I think I need Phidgets nowas I'd like to have fuel, engine start, APU, switches etc. WITH associated lights.
    Not sure how to marry my panel (to be)warning lights with a a caution light comes on when fuel is low etc.. Can Phidget handle this and other similar events? Can a Phidget get info from the aircraft panel prog which displays the warning light on screen?
    My programming is limited but am prepared to have a go..!

    Sorry about all the questions due to my limited skills, but hope you can help with some.



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    HI Bill,

    Have you had a look at the FS2Phidget pages yet? They explain how it all works pretty well.

    You can view the manual link from there as well. The quick answer to all your questions is, yes Everything you described is what FS2Phidget and Phidgets are all about doing