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    APU Start Problem

    Hi Alan,

    I just started with FS2Phidget 2.0.8 and pmSystems Build 43 and trying to connect the APU Start switch (hardware ON/OFF/ON) and having trouble to move the pmSystem APU switch. from OF to ON works fine but from ON to START there is no movement from the switch at pmSystem.

    If I press manual after doing the hardware toggle from OF to ON and then with mouse keypress inside pmSystem on the same hotspot at ON the switch moves to START.

    As a result it's not possible to start the APU from the FS2Phidget 0/16/16 I/O board by a toggle switch, perhaps this is only possible if you have a FALSE, TRUE and again a TRUE statement supplyed by the hardware switch ?

    So my question is what to do to solve this problem, by the way a lot of functions including the Annunciator LED's are working fine !

    Thanks already for your support,

    Gert van der Winden
    737NG Cockpit Panel Project

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    It'snot a phidget problem, it's a PMSystem lack of documentation!!! Remember, PMSystems is in it's very early stages. Many, many, offsets are either not documented or not fully documented. Here is what you need to put for start of the APU,
    H560F 0 = APU Off
    H560F 1 = APU On
    H560F 2 = APU Start

    Paste this into your FS2Phuipc.ini file


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    Werk die APU Start skakel? Of is dit nog 'n probleempie.


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