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    Assigning sounds

    I know i can assign a sound to, lets say, the park brake, but what if i want to assign a APU-sound, or no smoking chime sound to a switch? As you know, there is no APU-switch on the default FS planes, but if i want to hear an APU-sound when i toggle my (hardware) APU-switch on my overhead panel, can i do that? As long as the switch is connected to a i/o board?
    Or will i have to look on off-sets, which i know nothing about?

    Maybe someone have tried this.

    Jan P.

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    As I recall, sound is triggered by switch.

    I will check it out to make 100% certain that sound will still be triggered if not assigned to FS variable.

    Would be relatively easy for my to add a special variable called, say, [Sound]
    that would be assigned to Offset=None.

    I need to do this for my sim.
    Those ding-dong switches on the overhead panel really do have to generate a sound.

    Dream-Fleet2000 have very nice overhead panels for 737.
    but nobody has found a way to get hardware to interact with that add-on.

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    Assigning sounds

    Thank you for your answer.
    I have received an answer from Jonathan from PM. He says, that the PM Systems off-sets are already in the Phidgets software database. This would be a good solution to manage an overhead panel.

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