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    Question Question for Alan re: offset trigger ranges


    I'm building a generic cockpit (I don't want to be stuck flying one type of aircraft) loosely based on a regional jet. I have a custom annunciator panel driven by an LED64 board. I have some fuel warning lights that I want to glow amber when I'm into my reserve and red when I'm dangerously low.

    Is there a way to do this within FS2Phidget? Can I set a range within which the amber LED would be on and then a range below that where the red LED would be on but the amber off? For example (and these numbers are simplified for sake of discussion):

    Fuel qty is >500 = amber off, red off
    Fuel qty is < 500 and >100 = amber on, red off
    Fuel qty <100 = amber off, red on

    I know I can write my own program to do this but if there's a way to do it in FS2Phidget then I'd like to avoid reinventing the wheel

    Jim Titus

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    By adding or modifying an entry to ini file in forthcoming release you will be able to do this.
    This is currently possible with Access database in current release.
    I developed this functionality to support landing gear lights.
    What you would need to do is:
    - look in FSUIPC documentation for range of values for fuel.
    - set threshold value in INI file where you would want LEDs to illuminate or extinguish.

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    Thanks, Alan. Any hint of an ETA for the new version? I understand there's a bug with the LED64 in the current version anyway...

    I haven't started with my Phidgets yet...still soldering and building panels!


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    The latest version is available for download.

    I have added facility that will allow you to set threshold for "on" and "off" states for digital output.

    You can play with settings while FS is running.
    Tried it out with gear lights - works real well.

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