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    Is this possible?? Part2

    Ok, i got the analog from my CPFlight mcp working with the analog-in on my 8/8/8 phidget. I have it set-up to follow the elevator trim axis and it does quite well!

    Now the big question, i want to use this to drive a motor to turn my trim wheels.

    So when the number is rising, i need it to trigger an output which i will feed to a relay to turn on the motor direction A, then when it stops i need the output turned off. Then if the number is falling, turn on a different output to trigger another relay to turn on the motor in direction B, then turn it off when the number stops.

    Is this possible in code? In recomendations? Is this a pipe dream? :confused:

    thanks again as always,

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    I think so :)

    Hi Rob,

    You just caught me before I run out for the weekend

    Sure this sounds possible. I think you would need the 0/0/4 IFK to do this. Essentually you want to flop the wiring to your DC motor. One way for up and switched wires for down. Is this right? Then you would set the events in FS2Phidget to trigger those relays on and off as you need.

    That's the best I can do at the moment advice wise..

    Alan will have to ring in on the program settings I imagine, but it sounds like a reasonable request to me. Oh wait, I just re-read your post. You want the number's *movement* to trigger the motor not high and low values. Hmmm, well, now that might be tricky. Now it sounds like a different kind of setting for Alan to ring in on. Shoot, and I almost had you there too! Always a curve ball

    Gotta Run,


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    What you are looking for is trim RATE.
    If Rate is positive you want digital output to be set to "on" .
    A negative rate would set another output to "on".
    Zero rate would set both "off".
    This would also have other applications - servo slew rates, motor drive rates, etc.

    Have to do this for my sim!

    I am thinking of introducing a new setting to the latest INI files.
    This will produce RATES for current PROPORTIONAL settings.
    Would look something like this.

    Rate = True

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    Thanks Alan!
    Hope all is getting better for you!
    Take care,

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