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    Assigning sounds

    Hi there. Im new to this forum, in progress of building a RJ homecockpit, and was very happy to discover, how FS2 Phidget will make things a lot easier!
    Now my question: Have I got it right, that I can connect my APU-switch on my overhead-panel to e.g. a 0/16/16 board, and then in FS2 Phidget assign a APU waw-file to be switched on/off, when I toggle my switch? The switch will do nothing else but trigger a sound. Maybe a waste of space, bur anyway. My plan is to use a board for sounds, e.g. connect a "No smoking" switch to trigger both the "No smoking" chime, and a LED.
    Can this be done?
    Regards, Jan Pedersen DK

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    The switch will trigger sound in ADDITION to normal functionality.
    In my sim I have park brake performing normal function as well as activatiing "parking brake set" sound when park brakes set. "Park brakes released" sound activates when park brakes released.
    Observing MS-FS I can observe park brake lever moving as intended.

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