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    Switches, buttons, etc for 0/16/16 & 8/8/8

    I need to know just how many switches, buttons, etc, can be hooked up to a single 0/16/16 card (inputs?) Is it only 16 inputs and 16 outputs as the name implies? Or is there a way of getting more out of it? Also how many can you get out of the 8/8/8 card which I have on order.

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    The interface Kits are named by their inputs and outputs.

    Analog Inputs / Digital Inputs / Digital Outputs

    The 8/8/8 has 8 Digital Inputs and the 0/16/16 has 16 digital inputs.
    There isn't a way to increase a board's inputs.

    Here is a link to comparing the boards side by side, Note that the digital inputs between the 8/8/8 and the 0/16/16 are used differently.


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    The nice thing about Phidgets is that you can hook up as many as you need to USB hubs.
    I have about 7 hooked up to a single computer via a hub.

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    What about this:

    Actually, there is a neat trick you can use to create more inputs. For example, let's say you have two 888 boards. You make a wiring grid like an X Y axis with one board for each axis and whalla, instead of 16 digital inputs you now have 64!
    I knew that I'd seen something about getting more inputs.

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    switch Grid


    Actually, it was me that posted the grid idea awhile back. I've put more thought into it and I may have spoken too soon. The idea doesn't hold up in all cases. There can be instances where the grid cross fires other inputs when certain combinations are on at the same time and other cases where dead zones would be created.

    I probably have to retract that idea. It would still work for momentary switches, but not for actual single pole single throw switches.


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