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    New product idea. Daisy chain servo controllers

    Still in the project planning and development stage, I would need to use multiple single servo USB controllers (Product ID 1000). These would be positioned in series with up to a few feet between each other.

    Instead of running multiple USB cables of various lengths from a central USB hub, I would like to be able to daisy chain one off of another.

    As your Interface Kit 8/8/8 (Product id 1013) has, your One and Four USB servo controllers would have hub capabilities (and a power input on the One USB servo controller).

    Is this a possible product?

    Thank you

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    Daisy Chain

    Hi Bryan

    Thanks for your post. We will tuck your idea into our request folder for sure. I can tell you right now though that you wouldn't see a product like that for a really long time. There just isn't a demand for it. Also, instead of running USB cables you would then be running power cables to each one, or we would also have to design a daisy chained power cable as well and now you're getting to a price area where you were better off just buying some cheap USB cables to begin with

    Make note: The servo controllers are only guaranteed for accuracy and functionality with the servo no more than 12 inches from the controller. Servo signals are finicky and can't stay clean over long distances. So your best bet is to use a powered hub and just run the USB cables.


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    Oh yes, I see that I forgot to mention daisy chaining the power in the original post.
    Thank you very much for the consideration and quick response.

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