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    Click Here To Contribute To Our Site Proud to Present - BLOG DutchDak

    The crew at Mycockpit is proud to present the latest addition to the most valuable resources collection.

    This is the place where Herman Lenferink ( will share much of his knowledge and insights on cockpit building with us, including all about his own cockpit. For those who need an introduction, Herman is the creator of, which most of us have used many times as a stepping stone and reference into the world of cockpit building.

    Below you will find a partly quote on his first Blog article as a teaser, but why not read the entire article!

    There are over 1.3 million Blog postings per day ... I mean who is going to read that ? So for me when I started thinking about starting a Blog it was quickly clear that one needs to be in a place with potential readers. The following step to was small and evident. I know Matt and Kester for some time now. They (and the rest of the team) deserve a lot of credit for setting this place up. In an earlier phase of ISFBI I supplied a collection of links so the step to the contribution in terms of a Blog was in a sense small and logical. I do hope however that I will not be / stay a lonely blogger on ... It would be very interesting for the visitors of but also for the bloggers themselves if others would join in so we would be able to organize a collection of Blogs on

    A logical question is why I do not include my Blog on my own site The main reason is that I see as an extensive annotated set of links. It is not the place to go into depth on specific (isolated) details or distribute sources of programs. Additionally is more a work of reference and not a site with the latest news and an active debate on flight simulator cockpit development.

    So what can you expect in this Blog ?
    • Progress reports on my own cockpit
    • Explanation on how I build cockpit elements like gauges, throttles, panels, radio’s, etc.
    • Explanation on how I build my cockpit structure
    • Sources of software I write
    • Observations regarding flight simulator cockpit construction in general
    • Etc.
    Want to add your Cockpit Blog to Mycockpit // IFSBI as Herman one of the partners by PM
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