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    Kev Stef


    I wanted to fly my Dreamfleet 727 with Project Magenta Boeing glass cockpit.
    So I tried it. Although, I know it's not totally realistic, is there a way
    to force the 737 or 767 EFIS page? I love that plane. But I also love
    having the smoothness of Project Magenta. Does anyone have any ideas or
    thoughts. Thanks.

    Kev Stef

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    Peter Hein


    Hi Kev,

    just a thought:

    Did you try this in your pfd.ini?

    ForceEFIS= 767 / Allows you to force the EFIS display
    / for the 737 and 767 for two engine
    / aircraft

    Although I believe it will most probably not work as PM is sensing the number
    of engines from FS. The 727 is a 3 eng. ac. and afaik PM does not model 3
    eng. ac.

    May be you can "fool" PM by editing the FS aircrft.cfg .

    Best rgds