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    Peter Parnreiter

    Offset 56B0 and 56B5

    Hallo again!

    I am working on fuel system (747) and found a strange behavior.
    If all bits in 56B1 (all fuel pumps) ar on, and I write to 56B0 (press lights
    or pumpfaults) also all bits to 1, a few seconds later the bits 0,1,2,3 in
    56B0 was reset to 0.
    The other bits 4,5,6,7 in 56B0 stays at 1.

    Same appears on offset 56B4 (pumps) all bits to 1, and 56B5 Bits 6,7,1,3 are
    reset to 0 a few seconds later. The other bits 0,2,4,5 in 56B5 stays at 1,
    as thy should.

    Looking at the bit pattern (especialy 56B5) I think this is not a mistake
    (two variables at the same adress or so).

    Spoken in pumps not in bits, it means main 1,2,3,4 faults a automatic reset
    to 0 in a few seconds, aux2,aux3,center and stab are working correct. Seems
    to be not a coincidence.

    This appears also with the orginal pmsystem files, all in the latest

    Can anyone of the 737 (or any other type) people tell me if they can observe
    the same?
    Can anyone verify this behavior for 747?

    Thanks for help.


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    Thomas Richter

    Offset 56B0 and 56B5

    Hi Peter,
    first off all in latest file from Enrico you will find this:

    //Fwd2PumpAuxFault= (Fwd2PumpAux = 0)
    //Aft2PumpAuxFault=( Aft2PumpAux = 0)

    So there are NO definitons of FaultLights !!

    Best Regards
    Thomas Richter

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    Peter Parnreiter

    Offset 56B0 and 56B5

    Hi Thomas!

    Thanks for answer.
    In the sysvar.txt the bits are defined, in the orginal and in my version
    56B0 .0 Fwd1PumpFault
    56B0 .1 Fwd2PumpFault
    56B0 .2 Aft1PumpFault
    56B0 .3 Aft2PumpFault
    56B0 .4 Ctr1PumpFault
    56B0 .5 Ctr2PumpFault
    56B0 .6 Stab1PumpFault
    56B0 .7 Stab2PumpFault

    So the shold be defined.
    I removed the complete code from enrico working on fuelpanel.
    I try to set them by my own code, dependig on the fuel quantity in each tank.
    So for the first I thought it is my code error. but after this I removed
    own codesegment too, set this bits with fsinaugurate or by the CDU maint,
    IPC page. But the result ist always the same.

    I cant get any idea what here happens.


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    Thomas Richter

    Offset 56B0 and 56B5

    Hi Peter,
    in Sysvar it is OK, but not in 747-file.
    this means they are only "Fussnote"
    That they work they have tro be:
    In Enrico`s file they are inactive.

    >Thanks for answer.
    >In the sysvar.txt the bits are
    >defined, in the orginal and in
    >my version too.
    >56B0 .0 Fwd1PumpFault
    >56B0 .1 Fwd2PumpFault
    >56B0 .2 Aft1PumpFault
    >56B0 .3 Aft2PumpFault
    >56B0 .4 Ctr1PumpFault
    >56B0 .5 Ctr2PumpFault
    >56B0 .6 Stab1PumpFault
    >56B0 .7 Stab2PumpFault

    Best Regards
    Thomas Richter

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    Peter Parnreiter

    Offset 56B0 and 56B5

    Hi again!

    If I switch the pump1fwd on (ON lights up) and put the line

    Fwd1PumpFault=1 (only executing one times lets say after a testswitch or
    something else)

    in the code, the ON and the PRESS light on the same button should light.

    But this isnt working.

    The original code segment
    only does the NOT funtion (Fault = NOT pump-on) I think,
    but these buttons have to display ON and PRESS at the same time. On center
    and stab tank this is working, without any change from me.

    Thanks for helping me.


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    Peter Parnreiter

    Offset 56B0 and 56B5

    Just for closing this post.

    After searching a lot of hours, I think I got it.
    This behaviour only occours if the 747 Fuel page on lower EICAS is displayed.
    Seems that in the GC lower Eicas also code is running that works against
    I posted to pm support.
    Thanks for the help.

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