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    Kev Stef

    Network help. Please.

    How do you guys setup your network to run PM? I'm just wondering about the
    various different ways and their benefits. I know it's a general question but
    I think there are many ways to go about it? Correct? I'm using Windows XP
    across three computers, with a router, and I ran the Network setup Wizard.
    Is that all there should be to it? All comps are communicating, proper
    folders are shared but I'm wondering if I could set it up different, possibly
    manually, to get better performance. Please help with any and all info.


    Kev Stef

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    Ray Proudfoot

    Re: Network help. Please.

    Hi Kev,

    What you've done sounds okay to me. The documentation does suggest assigning

    specific IP addresses to each PC rather than using automatic ones but to be

    honest I can't say I've noticed any difference. I've also tried IPX/SPX
    instead of TCP/IP and it made no difference here.

    XP is far more efficient than earlier versions of Windows in organising
    networked PCs so I would say you're setup is just fine.


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    Kev Stef

    Re: Network help. Please.

    Thanks Ray. When I was finished setting up my network, I did, indeed, go back
    and set up IP's manually. I thought maybe there is some kind of network
    without internet capabilities or something that I was totally missing that
    might give me better results. It's not that my network system runs poorly,
    it's just that I get this sort of "skip" in my ND every so often(seems
    timed). It usually happens only when I'm at a 5 mile view, following a magenta
    path. It's as if the graphics catch up with itself, if you will, every 15
    seconds or so. There aren't any programs, spyware, virus software, etc.
    running. I'm pretty concious of that kind of stuff. The Microsoft firewall is
    disabled as well. Could there be a setting on my router setup page where I can
    try experimenting or something? Just wondering. Thanks.


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    Ray Proudfoot

    Re: Network help. Please.

    Hi Kev,

    I don't profess to be anything like an expert in network matters. All I can

    suggest is you enable logging in PFD.INI and maybe that will point to any

    I also have a shortcut to WideClient.log so I can examine how 'clean' the
    system is. I run all the PM Boeing software on an ageing Athlon 2000
    together with AS6 and FS Flight Keeper and performance is quite

    Maybe others could chip in if they can suggest anything else.


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