Hi, all. Sorry for all the threads today, but I did a lot of flying

The aircraft I've been working with is a Citation X. I've pretty much
flattened out my climb table in my CDU type file so that I can try to figure

this out. It's set at 99 at all temps and altitudes.

What happened yesterday is pretty typical. In a VNAV climb, as I'm
approaching the IAS/Mach intersect, N1 slowly drops into the high 80s and
stays there, and I have trouble getting much climb. As a result, I'm really

not able to do a VNAV climb all the way to CRZ ALT.

If I switch into a VS climb, N1 will only command 95. It seems that the 95

matches the CRZ maximum N1, and I'm thinking if I can find a way to change
that, I can fix that, but I don't know how to do that. Does anyone know how

to do that? Is there a different fix?

If I switch into a FL CH climb, I can get N1 back to 99 and continue the
climb, but I'd really like to fix it.

Thanks for your help.

Warm regards,