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    David Rabiner

    Standard Rate Turn

    I'm having trouble getting the autopilot to turn fast enough. I'm using a
    Citation X.

    From a previous thread, I know there's an autopilot bank angle setting in
    the aircraft.cfg file, and I changed that from 20 to 25, but the bank angle

    I'm getting isn't anywhere near that. I just tried changing that to 30,
    hoping that will work.

    Also I noticed PM offset x552A, which is be default set at 25. I'm going to

    experiment with a higher value. The docs say that setting it at 1 is
    "AUTO". Has anyone had similar problems and made adjustments that worked?


    David Rabiner

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    Philip Seizinger

    Standard Rate Turn

    How slow is too slow???

    Having actaully flown a Citation in the real world, I can tell you that
    standard rate turns are relative. If you are talking about being able to make a
    complete circle (with or without) the autopilot within 2 minutes you would
    need such a bank angle at those kind of speeds that you would make the
    passengers very unhappy not to mention the G load you would put on the
    aircraft. The fast you go the longer it will take to make the turn.


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    David Rabiner

    Re: Standard Rate Turn

    That's a great point, Phil.

    I think I remember reading somewhere that, at higher speeds, the autopilot
    should command 1/2 standard rate, which is 1.5 degrees per second.

    I wonder if higher speeds means cruise speed as well. What turn rate do you

    figure a real Citation (or any other jet, for that matter) autopilot would
    command at cruise speed. If it's 1/2 standard rate, that means a 30 degree

    turn at a waypoint would take 20 seconds...

    I have no idea. I've never flown anything bigger than a Cessna 172!


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    paul douglas

    Re: Standard Rate Turn


    Just POF for my ATPL's and doing Turn rates etc forrmula below will work out
    the radius, not sure about AP speeds etc though

    For this one you must use the formula Radius = TAS (squared) divided by g
    (9.81m/s/s) x Tan bank angle

    You must must use SI units so convert the speed from knots to meters per
    second. Kts x 0.515 is good enough.

    regards Paul

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    David Rabiner

    Re: Standard Rate Turn

    Now that was a fun little formula to play with!


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