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    Gilles Dazzan


    Hi everybody

    I have a problem with the latest builds 56 of pmsounds.

    1) I can not change the volume of the wav files neither
    in the program itself nor in the ini file. This is especially stressing
    for the
    navionic an speedbrakes sounds.
    2) The speedbrake wav and avionics wav seem to be in and endless loop.
    Even when I disable it and restart the program it stays in that loop.

    It seems to me that the disable feature of the wav files and the volume
    change feature
    in pmsounds for each file does not work.

    Thanks for helping

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    Karl Bates


    Hi Gilles, Go to the Sounds List in the PM Sounds folder and look for this
    line: //navionics, 2E80, 4, 1, CYC,0 It should be changed as this reads.

    Hope this helps,


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