Hi Tom,

I enter an freq. i.e 108.70 on the 1L LSK (NAV1) and also want that freq
> the 1R LSK (NAV2).
> To do that I push the 1L LSK button to get the freq to the scratchpad.

> scratchpad shows now 108.70.
> The problems is when I now try to push the 1R LSK button copy that freq

> to NAV2, the NAV2 shows 108.00 insted of 108.70. To solve this I have to
> enter 108.70 in the scratchpad and push 1R LSK.
> It is not a big problem, but is anyone else has this smal bug?

Yep Tom, same here and it's already there for a long time Has been reported

to Enrico, must be somewhere on his to do list.

B. Rgds