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    John Gayford


    Hi Everybody, my first post on this forum.
    I am a retired ATCO and after writing SID's STAR's and APPROACHES for my PMDG
    737 NG I thought I would like to try the same to work with PM.
    The problems i have encountered so far are the lack of a full tutorial
    explaining all the functions of the PM software and the fact that the NAV data is
    not in text format so I am unable to add missing waypoints as required.
    I live in New Zealand and we have some interesting approaches here due to the
    terrain, and would very much like to see some of them flown on SIM's using
    the PM software.
    Visit and look at the Queenstown RNAV approaches and you see
    what I mean. These are great approaches to fly in the PMDG 737 I'm sure
    pilots flying using PM would also find them a challenge.

    If anybody could help me overcome my starting problems I would appreciate
    hearing from them on this forum or by private email to
    Thanks in advance.

    John Gayford

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    Jan Pemoeller



    check this ...,1348e#389271

    at the moment it seems that the approaches are not working correct with the

    I will wait for Enrico is back ... to continue on this topic!

    Best regards

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